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What makes Let's Really Play Maths - Whartels unique?


The WHARTELS    programme is based on continuous research focusing on the neuropsychology of teaching and learning mathematics. Ongoing research collaborations with the Nort-West University and Loughborough University - UK - focusing on predictors of maths achievement. The maths WHARTELS     allows for compiling IIP (individualised intervention programme) for each learner.


At our Let's Really Play Maths centres the gifted child can benefit from an accelerated programme and a remedial program can be compiled for learners with barriers to learning as well as children with neurodevelopmental disorders. At Let's Really Play Maths we proudly call this an Individualised Play Programme (IPP).

Training that focuses on SPECIAL CONCESSIONS FOR MATHS are offered by Mindmuzik and is accredited by the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) for psychologists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, and at SACE (South African Council for Educators) for teachers.

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At our Let’s Really Play Maths Centres, we use the unique and creative WHARTELS    maths programme which helps children in pre- and primary school to learn, play, enjoy and master maths. WHARTELS     includes various play therapy principles (puppets, board games, apparatus and stories) to develop maths concepts, metacognition and memory. It is the only leading programme that focuses on reducing maths anxiety and developing emotional intelligence, maths resilience, self-regulation and impulse control. No workbooks are used as content is child-focused, based on curriculums (CAPS & GINN) presented through play-based activities.



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Meet the PEN Play Team

We believe every child deserves a bright future!

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"Working with pre-school, primary- and secondary school learners over the past 30 years it became clear that there is not one “size -fits all” intervention for mastering maths and other learning content. There was however one common denominator working with all of them – once we could change their attitude towards the subject – magic started happening! They became interested, involved, curious, motivated and in many cases enthusiastic about discovering the world of maths. The more  we used a Play approach the more involved they became. For every child I created a different Play experience. This culminated in the creation of the Maths Whartels TM where we are now able to use all the valuable lessons I have learnt from students over the years to help future generations. The children love to play and explore the Whartels content!

My dream is to empower every community to help every child to develop for maths and to reach their full  potential. We are passionate about what we do at PEN Play and to meet new centre owners that share our mission and values!"

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