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A fun approach that helps children learn, play, enjoy and 



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The nature of careers is evolving, and the future of our children’s careers is at risk. Teaching methods should not only focus on maths concepts but also look at reducing maths anxiety and developing study orientation and metacognitive strategies in maths.

Covid-19 has further complicated the learning environment – leading to increased levels of anxiety for parents and students. This raises the urgency for a new type of learning that requires high levels of play and engagement. Various research sources support the need for education to intensify their STEM (Science, Teaching, Engineering and Maths) teaching methods and results because:

  • Learning centres are unable to meet their maths quotas as 70% of South African learners take maths literacy, which does not allow entrance into careers in science, engineering or medicine.

  • Africa needs innovators as the “story of mathematical development in Africa is one of potential unfulfilled” (International Mathematics Union).

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An innovative and holistic approach using the power of play and storytelling to discover the world of mathematics.

Unique, evidence-based content (WHARTELS  ) developed by Dr Petro Erasmus an Educational Psychologist - researcher in collaboration with the North-West University.


Fun environment where we use play to develop math concepts, emotional intelligence and metacognition through play therapy techniques such as puppets, board games and technology.

Let’s Really Play Maths - 
What Makes Us Unique


We believe every child deserves to enjoy maths and have a bright future!

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from our clients

As a parent both my Five-year-old children are part of the program at school and it is visible that they are much more aware of numbers, calculations, shapes and structures as before they got involved with the program. They love it. They frequently talk about maths. This is a very good sign. They constantly refer to things that happened in the Lets Realy Play Maths class. They run to this class. As principal of the school the program is parallel to the maths vision I have for Laerskool Queenswood. I want my students to love maths. I want them to be positive and motivated towards maths. I aspire to send children to high school with excellent maths skills, and very important, children with a love of maths. 

Lets Realy Play Maths share this same vision.

Mr Rico  Ludick – Principal 

Laerskool Queenswood Primary School

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